SOUL®, by Common Grace Inc., is a hand-made jewelry pendant using the finest crystal in America.

Originating in Corning, New York, and marketing first at the Corning Museum of Glass our craftspeople use a 17th Century European technique (engraving with the copper-wheel lathe).

High-art/high-craft experts applaud the design for it’s conceptual purity. Wearers connect emotionally because of SOUL’s meaning for their own soul or their feeling “to have soul”.

SOUL® is copyrighted and is presented with a registered trademark. This is powerful in the marketplace because the circle shape and light effect caused by the engraving has been a symbol for soul, life or eternity for cultures dating back more than 6000 years when craftspeople carved dents in glass to please the Pharaohs.

Today, the multi-billion dollar market in jewelry has done well with the shape and symbol for ‘heart’ which is public domain and can not be trademarked.

Heart symbolizes love and romance where SOUL® has wider appropriateness in this market – conveying multiple sets of emotions: determination & courage; friendship & trust; motherhood, sisterhood & brotherhood and as well romance, passion and intimacy.